Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Tell Me When You Hear My Heart Stop.

Oooh I love Lykke Li. Not only is she talented but she also has amaaazzing fashion sense AND she's stunning. Not fair.


I'm not usually a fan on music videos. I think they are normally dumb, sometimes they ruin the song, and I want to associate the song with my life, not the artists (I'm so selfish). BUT this video is perfect (as are all of her videos). Not only is the song beautiful and heartbreaking, but you can listen to it on repeat for three days and not get tired of's a proven fact.

Listen to her album Youth Novels if you get the chance.

In the meantime, watch and enjoy this beautiful video.


Kels and Bran said...

Thanks for the song suggestion, love it! This girl is gorgeous, I kind of want her hair.

Amy said...

You are welcome! You could totally do her hair, too. It would look awesome. She makes me want to be Scandinavian so badly.

Brittany Perez said...

This song is on New Moon. I bought the soundtrack just so I could have it. It also has other good songs...better than the movie.

Amy said...

I LOVED the soundtrack. I also loved the movie, no matter how much those movies suck...I'll always love them. I thought that single would finally lead to a new album from her but I think it doesn't come out till this fall.