Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excuse me.

Apparently personal blogging is not my calling in life.
I am sure that those of you reading this blog already know what we are up to these days.
We have been back in Mesa for two months and I swear it feels like we have been here for two weeks. I don't get it. Aside from being way too hot, it's not so bad this time around! Really though, it's a cool city. I can't/shouldn't complain at all. But seriously...come on. Alright, alright I am done.

Enjoy these terrible pictures of our house. I took them late at night, in the middle of packing for a trip to Vegas to see my Parents. Everyone should spend the night at Caesar's Palace at some point in their life. Amazing. I could have lived in the bathroom.

Back on subject...we are still unpacking as we wait to buy things like a dresser, bookshelves, paint, a laundry get the idea?

We got our matching nightstands at DI for $1.00 a piece! They 
are really cool old green tv trays. Love love them.
And yes, I got suckered into the vinyl decal trend.
Sue me, I love cuckoo clocks.

Kitchen table, obviously. Mostly just showing off my favorite table cloth
and the awesome tiered stand that Rose made me.
We are in the middle of painting the kitchen robins egg blue.
It makes me (almost) enjoy doing the dishes.

What house is complete without a $7.00 lime green armchair?
No house, I tell you!

Tony is going to build a low profile bookcase for me on this wall.
Just like the one in this picture that Emily built on Design Star. All the way over on the right, there
Totally in love with Emily, by the way. But that's for another day.

Our living room. First couch ever. We are in sweet, sweet love with each other.
Excuse the lack of art on the walls, we are going to paint soon.

Meet Bronco.
He is cute. That's a terrible understatement. I am so in love with this cat.
It's embarrassing.

He truly believes that Tony's beard is a living thing. He snuggles into it
(almost) more than me.

He has great poses.

And he loves to sleep in my sewing machine.

Were there enough pictures for you?
All five of you?

Maybe my next post will be within the month.
You never know.
Aim high!


kelseylanephotography said...
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Kels and Bran said...

THANK YOU for doing this! You made my night! For starters, I want to steal Bronco, but who wouldn't. I love the color of your bedroom, thats something I really wish I had the balls to do----color! Also, your living room is huuuuge, what the heck how'd you score that?! You can barely turn around in my living room, haha. I feel your pain with the furniture, it's pretty much impossible to decorate until you have bookcases and coffee tables, etc. That's sweet of tony to build you a bookcase! Brandon's yet to figure out how to install the stupid light i bought for the ceiling... Silly boy. Ok this post has got to end, but before it does i can't help but sneak in that emily from design star grew up in my ward and i totally know her....just throwin' that out there. Man im cool.

Beth said...

Love the "black cat" reminds me of yesteryears.

JMay said...

Ok, I am jealous of your beautiful cat, unfortunately I'm allergic :-(

Also, your couch is so pretty!!